Delphi owners- BDR carbon clamp

My most excellent local dealer, Mike Oddie of Alternative Audio in Dundas Ontario just lent me a replacement record clamp. The Oracle clamp is a new product from Black Diamond Racing, like their VPI version but designed to fit the Oracle. Although it isn't nearly as pretty as the stock clamp, you are going to need one moments after putting one on your table. It is made of machined carbon fiber like the various cones, pucks, and shelves that this company builds that all seem to do such a great job of damping and attenuating vibration.

What it did was along the same lines as what all the BDR products installed in my system seem to do. It cuts down on aural confusion. Placement of artists in the soundspace is made more more clear. I think some high frequency ringing has disappeared leaving a more real sounding trailing edge to cymbals, plucked strings and other percussive instruments. The lower mids/upper bass is better defined and a little warmer at the same time. The space beween instruments seems blacker...blah, blah, blah. The interesting thing is that it was a more immediately obvious improvement than any of my previously purchased BDR stuff. By now you must have gotten the picture. Own an Oracle? Then you need one of these!
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Vince, I have a couple of Oracles, how much are these replacement clamps? Jeff
Vince, I have the BDR Clamp for the VPI turntable. I get the same type of results that you are describing. I paid $150 for my clamp used. They truly are a big sonic improvement over stock clamps. Enjoy!
Which version of the Oracle Delphi do you have? I have the latest, version V. Foloow up on Jeffloistarca question where did you get it?
poop!!! i thought i was *done* spending money on my oracle! ;~)

regards, doug s.

Duddy,I didnt know the word "done" was a word used in the audiophlle vocabulary! :) You may not be as addicted as some of us but I bet you alrady ordered the BDR clamp!!
nope, not yet davie - i'm waiting 'til i can get it for at least 50% off... ;~)

doug s.

How much did it cost? I don't know yet, I still have to go back and pay for it! However, as I'm paying with our horridly de-valued Canadian currency, It probably wouldn't be all that relevant anyhow. All BDR products seem to offer value a sonic value out of proportion with their cost. Call Mikey at Alternative Audio (905) 627-0899 and ask him or Phil directly.

As for the question regarding which Oracle I have- A Delphi 5 with the turbo power supply. Believe it or not, a Foundation Research LC1 power conditioner/cord makes a positive difference. Arm is an SME5, cartidge a Benz Ref and I'm running a balanced Cardas Gold Ref phono IC into an Io phono stage. The table is on a BDR Shelf-for-Source, on BDR cones, on a Corian sandbox, on a 2 shelf Target stand. Yeah it sounds good.

If you live in Ontario, or nearby Northwest New York, you really should check out Mikey's Shop. Alternative Audio is a really class act. The store is gorgeous, the gear great, and the advice is always genuine.
Mikey@Alternative Audio sez: $330can or $220us for the clamp. Buy one. It rocks! Mikey's website is if you wanna know more about his most excellent establishment.

Happy Trails!