Delphi And SME Tonearms

I've just purchased SME IV tonearm for my Oracle Delphi turntable. This tonearm is rather heavy (but man it is beautiful!). I wonder if I should change the spring on tonearm side (rear spring on the right side of the turntable...the tonearm side..) to the stiffer spring (I belive it is white one. I have it from the Oracle Maintanance Kit I ordered two months ago).
I noticed a lot of people here have the same combo: Delphi and SME tonarm. I would appreciate your suggestions!
Thanks in advance~
I had the same issue after upgrading to a Graham Phantom tonearm on my Oracle Delphi MKV.

I emailed Oracle and they recommended the appropriate spring color combination.
There are not too many options for the springs.
As I know there are only four different ones.
The stiffest one is white. Did Oracle remommend you white one?
Oracle's recommendation for the Graham Phantom was:

Left Front: Yellow
left rear: Red
Right: Blue

I was able to balance the table suspension, perfectly, with this combination.

Why not call Oracle?
In your maintenance kit there is suppose to be documentation. For Mk IV and V's with a counterweight the suggested springs for SME IV, V and 345 are:

Left front, Yellow
Left rear, Yellow
Right side Green

Without the counterweight it would be white, yellow, green.

You may still want to call or write Oracle to verify
Here is response from case future generations would look for the answer for the same question:
Oracle Delphi and SME IV tonearm:

left front: white
left rear: yellow
Right side: green