Delos bottoming out anybody else experience this?

Once in a while it seems as though my Delos bottoms out. My tonearm is not even parallel to the record. anybody else experience this? Seems as though the cantilever rides pretty low.
yup. I will.  It does not do it all the time but when it does it is very aggravating.  I have other cartridges that I could use in the interim.
Dill posted right picture, wrong conclusion!
That is a photo of a Delos riding normally!

Such a setup will not collide with warps even though the gap underneath I appears quite small. Why? Because mine looks identical and doesn’t collide even on my most extremely warped pressing.

As I say, it would be wise to investigate further before putting yourself to such trouble otherwise pursue JCoeler’s suggestion (or even do it via your own dealer.)
Jonathan Carr is a very obliging and helpful guy who goes more than the extra mile.
Curious of your response that, it doesn't do it all the time. If it were a suspension issue if would do it all the time.

@tzh21y It would seem that you should have your set up checked before you do anything else. I believe the Delos is supposed to track with the arm parallel to the record...which you state yours is not!
One other thing to check is the compliance of the cart and tone arm. if your arm is too heavy for the cart this can happen as well.