Delos bottoming out anybody else experience this?

Once in a while it seems as though my Delos bottoms out. My tonearm is not even parallel to the record. anybody else experience this? Seems as though the cantilever rides pretty low.
It does seem a bit low. Have you tried a lighter tracking force?
Send to Sound smith and let him address your suspension issues.
The critical thing is that the cantilever appears at right-angles to the front face (red carrier). Surface clearance always looks small under normal operating conditions.

If it seems as if it is bottoming you need to check lint accumulation on the washi-paper cover. This can create the illusion the the paper is frayed or the cartridge is “bottoming out” but the most likely scenario is simply needs cleaning.

I’ve heard of one or two folk with this problem but a quick clean usually resolves the matter.

Unfortunately it’s a vicious circle once it gets going. Lint causes friction which in turn causes static which in turn causes more lint.
Let us know how you get on with this.
(....i.e. at right angles when playing)
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@tzh21y   You should contact the Lyra distributor, Alasdair at AudioQuest - [email protected]  He helped me with a similar Delos issue.  They sent it to Lyra Japan for a complete suspension rebuild at no cost.  Situations vary but it's worth checking with him.
yup. I will.  It does not do it all the time but when it does it is very aggravating.  I have other cartridges that I could use in the interim.
Dill posted right picture, wrong conclusion!
That is a photo of a Delos riding normally!

Such a setup will not collide with warps even though the gap underneath I appears quite small. Why? Because mine looks identical and doesn’t collide even on my most extremely warped pressing.

As I say, it would be wise to investigate further before putting yourself to such trouble otherwise pursue JCoeler’s suggestion (or even do it via your own dealer.)
Jonathan Carr is a very obliging and helpful guy who goes more than the extra mile.
Curious of your response that, it doesn't do it all the time. If it were a suspension issue if would do it all the time.

@tzh21y It would seem that you should have your set up checked before you do anything else. I believe the Delos is supposed to track with the arm parallel to the record...which you state yours is not!
One other thing to check is the compliance of the cart and tone arm. if your arm is too heavy for the cart this can happen as well.
@tzh21y It would seem that you should have your set up checked before you do anything else. I believe the Delos is supposed to track with the arm parallel to the record...which you state yours is not!

Right, it was parallel to record and was bottoming out. I raised it to help. I was told by Lyra rep to track at 1.7. I was tracking at 1.75 per the spec. I sounds much better at 1.71 where i have it now. I still think it will bottom out again. I may have to send it back for a look. There is a very narrow window with these cartridges. geez

I have only had it for about 6 months.  Suspension should not relax that much.  wow.
If bought new and only 6 months old, should still be under warranty...Contact Alasdair and he will arrange a return to Lyra for them to inspect. They will readjust the suspension if needed and make adjustments needed, should be at no charge.

The wait time is the cost, can take min 2 months but Lyra is fantastic to work with.
If you accidentally dropped the stylus it could have damaged suspension.....but knowing how beefy Lyra designs their suspensions I doubt it.
With the Delos you need to make sure the cart body is parallel to record surface for the Lyra New Angle design to be in full effect. The top of their carts are flat so use that as a guide, not the tonearm.....
I have the Delos that I’m using now and Lyra in general always ride low but It never bottom out, Delos only requires between 1.7g to 1.8g of tracking force, what is your tracking force set to?
@catcher10.  I’m not sure how the cartridge would not be parallel to the record, if the tonearm wasn’t also? Could you explain?
Delos is an excellent cartridge that does ride low but this should not be a random thing. Its also very sensitive to all adjustments. Not sure why your tonearm is not set to be parallel to the record surface. If after setting up everything as Lyra recommends for Delos you still get this problem occastionally it points to damaged suspension. I can tell you that Alasdair the Lyra distributor contact is the most helpful gentleman to deal with and he will suggest the way to address your problems. Good luck.
I did talk to him and he did mention they would look at it (12 week lead).  He said they are so fine tuned that they almost have to be at 1.7.  The spec should be changed to 1.7 instead of 1.75 optimum.  It does sound better at at 1.71or 1.72.  I did return it to be parallel to the record.  we shall see but I may have them look at it because its been bottoming out within the last couple of months, not at the beginning.
One (maybe two) reason/s I never considered Lyra's is, they don't stand behind their products, and despite all of their high praise, their carts are very sensitive to VTF.

Too many other options with better customer service.
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The difference between 1.75 and 1.7 is minute to say the least.  I ended up sending it back for eval as it bottomed out again at 1.7.  No dust or lint anywhere.  Oh well.
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@slaw  Why would you state that Lyra doesn’t stand behind its products?...actually in the US Lyra is handled by Audioquest.

Everything that we have seen so far in this thread points to exactly the opposite.

They did say they would do everything to make it right.   I have a feeling this is not the first time this has happened.
 @tzh21y All handmade cartridges are subject to variability and possible suspension issues. Therefore, you are probably correct, it has almost certainly happened to Lyra’s before...but that can be said for all handmade cartridges.