Delius/Purcell Combo w/o upgrades--a good deal??

i have an opportunity to buy both a dCS delius and a purcell with decent cables for $5k. they are not in perfect cosmetic condition (i'd say 7.5/10) and they are not upgraded to have all the stuff you need for the SACD/DSD decoding and all that. should i jump on it?
I have sold all my SFI gear and went all the way with the dCS gear. I bought the Purcell and the Delius from the Audiogon, sent them to dCS for the upgrade, they sounded great to the point that I bought the Verdi immediatly after. this is great gear and will give you pleasures for years to come. I would say go ahead make the jumb and then be ready to send them for upgrade. One of the benefits of doing so (if not for sonic benefits) is you get 5 year warranty when they come back to you.
good luck
yes...if you do the upgrades, they replace the cosmetic front and sides with the new black color. the upgrade cost is determined by age and serial no, might want to check that out before you purchase...

hard to beat the dcs stuff!
As a former owner of dCS equipment, I give you fair warning about their service.... horrible! I was very impressed with the combo, but after living with them for a while, I found them to be way too hi-fi sounding, not natural at all.

Can you post or e-mail me a few words about what you think of the Verdi transport (compared to using other transports with the dCS Purcell and DAC). Thanks.
Well, I had the Sonic Frontiers Transport 3. Once I got the Verdi, it was no brainer. I had to sell the SFI. The Verdi really did it for me. My system never sounded better, I feel satisfied after many years of trying different equipment and loosing a lot more money. What I like most is the separation of instruments; you can feel that each one is there alone not mixed with the other. I am not the best in using the audiophile terminology I just go with what I hear and feel. And it just feels close to life performance. I know because I used to play drums in my early days. I am really glad I made the investment. I had one problem with it though. Not a major one but I figured if I pay that much it should be in perfect condition. The problem was, when I unplug the power cord even when the unit is off, the Verdi would not turn on for at least 10 minutes. I called dCS (because I bought it from them directly) they gave me their FedEx account, I sent it back, they fixed it and returned to me without any cost to me. My experience with them so far was excellent and that is why I am recommending them. If you can afford it go for it, you will not regret it.