OK, My uncle just gave me a old Citation 5.0 Pre-amp and an Lexicon LX-5 amp,
My delima is finding a floor stand speaker for under 500 to compliment my decent pream and amp.
What kind of speaker should I get?

I already have subwoofer, center and backs, but now need fronts.
What should I do?
Any help will do..
Don't get floor standers. Get quality bookshelf/monitors that will match your center channel (you should mention what the other speakers are). Set up the citation will all speakers small and crossover at 80 Hz to the sub. This will be the best for HT use.
Your "delima" seems to extend to spelling dilemma! Speakers probably won't help you there, but I'd go with Rives and get a two-way that was compatible with the rest of your speakers. Purchase something used as you will get more bang for your peso. If you're stuck on new, then I might check out the Epos speakers in that range as they seem to get allot of great reviews.

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Uh... what're you using for that center speaker? Just going by everything you can read here & elsewhere, getting the best match between the center & your soon-to-be new mains is kinda important. If there's a natural match from that manufacturer then you'll likely get the best timbre matching, etc. from going that route.

And get floor-standers, but only if that's the right solution for your room. Otherwise, get bookshelf speakers (sorry, Rives - couldn't resist!). Figure out what your room needs (is it a small den or a big barn?) and that will help guide which way to go.
I agree with Mr hosehead. I've tried several monitors and keep going back to floorstanders. The floorstander don't take up any more room than monitors on stands. They also don't cost more after you pay for the stands. Synergy with other speakers is also important. Good luck.
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Ultimately, the front mains have to be what suits your price range and sensibilities. In order to create a seamless theater experience, I think the most important consideration is a close match between them and your center channel speaker. Since you have a sub, full range floor standers aren't a necessity.

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Ok sorry for the misspell,
Thanks for all of your help by the way.
I have still not decided on my main speaker yet.
Current speaks running:
(Citation 5.0 preamp and Lexicon Lx5 ) Free
Old Cambridge Soundwork satellite fronts and back with a JBL 10 inch power sub.
The center speaker is BIC America-DV62CLR-S.
My Cambridge satellite is in the front is ridiculous. That is why I’m concentrating on getting the main fronts first.
I know my pre-amp and amp is a little in the moderate end, but what can I say I got it for free. Now, I just need speakers to kind of match it just a little bit.
My room space is around 14 feet square.
Been reading hear; now I’m looking at both bookshelf and floor stand.
I’m still a beginner at this Audio stuff, but have to start some where.
Actually your preamp and amp are not what I would call in the moderate end. Everything's relative of course, but those are excellent pieces and 'for music' you would need to spend approx >$7000 nowadays to get similar performance I would say. This is new of course, you can always find good deals hear on AGON to lower that price.

The only caveat is that for home theater, the Citation 5.0 is a little behind the times. But if you want bare bones dolby digital, it will do fine. Spend some time setting up the bass managment just right and it still will impress.

For music, I would put the Citation's 6-axis against DPL2 any day (and have) and I personally think 6-axis is just as good. This was a music first preamp and was quite pricey when new and there have been no advances for analog music playing that would necessitate replacing the Citation. In fact, with hi-rez formats nowadays, I notice many higher end manufacturers are going back to concentrating on the analog preamp section. But still the analog preamp sections in many pre/pros nowadays don't do anything the Citation 5 already does at least as well or better IMHO.

Your Lexicon was made by Bryston I believe, enough said on that front.

For good speakers modestly priced check out Onix, Rocket and Swan. These are sold internet direct and since you have a low price range these may just let you get some decent performance for the dollar.
Allow me to edit my above post a slight bit. I just re-read the statement "those are excellent pieces and 'for music' you would need to spend approx >$7000 nowadays to get similar performance I would say".

That didn't come out quite the way I intended. It's bugs me when people say, you MUST spend X amount to get anything that sounds decent. There are many deals to be found and you don't always need to spend mega bucks to get something you really enjoy.

What I meant to say is that translating the price bracket the Citation and Lex were in when they first sold puts you in the >$7000 category. And, IMHO, for music surround, the Citation and Lex still do compete with units currently in that price range.