Delete "Cable Snake Oil Anecdote" Thread!

Can't someone put this thread out of its misery and delete it already?
Everyone with an opinion has already expressed it so what's the
purpose of keeping this annoying thread alive?
In the future I'd like to see such threads deleted immediately.
Utter futility! Give us all a break!
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+1 .... don't feed the trolls = Nailed it!!

to the mods: please adopt the same measures that many of the other audio forums have already adopted: Delete these type of troll posts (especially the stupid cable slams) along with the warning that transgressors will be kicked out and banned ...... full stop.

it works.
Actually I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Look at other sites. Many are vast wastelands. 💀 “Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds...” 😬

Hello everyone :)

I’m a new member and I joined in my first quest to understand something that apparently sounded extremely simple, I only have one power socket in the wall where I’ll have to plug both the amp and the speakers, and after reading the Snake Oil thread I was really, really confused.

One assumes the newbie was joking. Or maybe it was a trick question. 😬
@Sallyoil, just ignore that thread. No one can predict with any kind of certainty which of the suggestions that have been made in your own thread on your power socket question would be the best choice. And I'm very doubtful that you would be going wrong with any of them. Also, if you Google "UK power outlet strips" you’ll probably find many additional choices.

Whatever value the "Cable Snake Oil Antidote" thread may provide has little if any relevance to your application or to your stated budget. Your question was in fact a simple one, as you initially presumed.

And welcome to Audiogon!

Best regards,
-- Al

I actually by a stroke of fate has the exact same problem today. The solution? Well, folks there is no way I’m going to spend big bucks for an audiophile power strip. And I refuse to use cheap Office Depot power strips. The solution is to buy a two or three plug adaptor that goes into the wall outlet. Problem solved. Two bucks. Thank you very much. 
welcome to the Audiogon forum. I hope you find it entertaining and educational, as I have. Like any forum there is good and bad. Two bits of advice, if I may. First, almarg is a trustworthy source of information. His opinion is based in science and experience and he is a practical and sensible contributor. Search his responses for answers to your questions. Second, trust your ears. Experimentation is the lifeblood of any hobby and if you buy used and sell what you don’t like you waste very little money and only you know what sounds good to you.  Believe that what you hear is real. That’s all that matters. Searching for the striped unicorn zebra is an endless quest in audio.  Enjoy the journey. Welcome. 
To you, to us individually yes. That may be a yes or a no. That's your answer. Its up to the individual, not the colosseum of the crowd cheering or jeering for one side or another. We're past the gladiator times I hope.
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Sites need threads like the snake oil thread. It is a great way to waste time.
So I say let it be. It is a great way to waste time
So say us all!

Just thank the audio gods that this isn't being done on FaceTime.