Delay Playing Music Over Wireless

When I play music over wireless through my LG Bluray, I always miss the first second or two of a track. So if I'm listening to Beethoven's fifth, instead of starting out "da da da dummmmm", it starts out "da dummmmmm". Very annoying, depending on the particular piece of music.

What causes the delay? Is it in Mezzmo software, my computer (Samsung RV511 Laptop), my wireless (a new Cisco Linsys E3200), my receiver (NAD T785), the LG bluray player with DLNA, or what? What would you suggest to remedy the situation?
I noticed your post now but you might be still looking for an answer. The reason is lack of clock between tracks. Music is transmitted as data with no clock and clock has to be recreated. Some DACs like my Benchmark DAC1 can sync quickly but others are late and behave exactly like yours. The only remedy I know for that is to crossfade tracks to avoid loosing clock. Itunes has this option but don't know about others.