Deja Vu Audio in DC--are they open?

I was planning a trek up to DC this Thursday (tomorrow) to go Deja Vu and do some auditioning.  I've been telephoning them and emailing them repeatedly Monday and Tuesday to confirm/hammer out details, and so far the phone has not been answered, there's no recorded message, and no response to emails.  The website says they're open Mon-Sat.

Anyone know what's going on.  Are they closed?  Just for this week?  Or?

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We got a massive windstorm in this area over the weekend and there are still places without power.  They might have gotten caught up in that.  The business is VERY MUCH alive.  If you have never been there before, it will be quite a treat.  There is hardly a store like it.  Most of their top gear, with the exception of Audio Note, are their own builds or builds done in collaboration with a builder in Italy.  Many of the speaker systems are custom-built as well and feature some really old drivers collected from all over the world (e.g. YL compression drivers from Japan) as well as modern exotics like G.I.P. Laboratories drivers. 

Keep giving them a call, it is worth hooking up with them.

Definitely alive. And as Larryi noted, visiting them is a huge treat. Not only great equipment, but great people. We are lucky to have them in the DC area.
Another +vote for this Audio shop. Careful w/ the weather out there.
Have a fun trip.
+1 to the above.  A few minutes ago I swapped speakers, moving back into their regular spot my Deja Vu open baffle speakers with YL Acoustic midrange horn.  Wow!  My backup speakers are really nice but a trombone on Vu’s speakers sounds much closer to the live trombone I heard at a concert last night.   

Be sure to allow more time than you think you will need at the store.  It’s not a walk in, browse, and walk out kind of store.