Deja Vu All Over Again

Has there been any gear that you kicked yourself over and over for having gotten rid of? So much so that you just had to go back years later and buy it all over again?

For me it was a Yamaha receiver and a pair of Spica TC-50's. Now if I could just find a good deal on a decent pair of stands...
Only my record collection. Still not nearly back up to what I had when I sold it all off.
My 1955 Chevy Nomad station wagon. If I had it today I could enjoy driving it or sell it for 100 times what I paid.

(Nobody said the answer had to be audio gear).
Telling your mom that you don't need all those shoe boxes full of baseball cards that you had from the 50's.:-(
I'm there Albert. My '63 3.8 XKE Coupe. In "arrest me red", an orange variant. Twas the only car I ever had that actually growled like a big cat. It leaked every fluid it hoped to contain and used a quart of oil every 100 miles. But running or standing still, it had a beauty I'll never find again.
Okay, as long as we're going into the vehicle area, I could really croak, when I think about the 1973 Ducati 750 SS motorcycle that I GAVE away to my buddy when I moved out of Florida. One of only 200 made. It is over $20,000 today. Considered one of the most desireable classic motorcycles in the world. aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! GAVE IT AWAY!
I see this thread has taken a twist, so I may as well chime in. For me it was my '67 Z28 Camaro, white with black stripes (one of about 500 made). Man that thing ran great and was a blast to drive and bang the Hurst/Muncie 4-speed all over town. Like a fool I sold it at about 100,000 miles because I thought it would depreciate in value after that. Man, was I wrong about that one!

But to make up for that blunder, I just bought a '95 Integra GSR with about 115,000 miles on it. I got it from a friend who is also an audiophile and it has a killer stereo system in it with 4, 8" Scanspeak Kevlar woofers, and Morel tweeters in the door panels. It's not quite as fast as the old Z28, but it handles great, has a 5-speed smooth as butter with a carbon-fiber shift knob, and the sound system is much, much better. Cost me about the same as my reference speakers. :)
My Dynaco PAS 3x factory wired tube preamp....
I spent the first 25 years kicking myself in the ass for
selling my goodies.
The next 25 years not selling anything.
Now my wife kicks my ass for all the storage rentals.
Now where the hell did i put my butt cushion?,HHHHeeyyy!!!
im in the sweet spot here..edith........
Rockvirgo, you let go a XKE 3,8? I can identify with your plight...
I'm still mourning a a pair of 15-ohm Rogers LS3/5A, early serial number...
I still have nearly every piece of audio gear I ever bought,
including a 70s era Marantz tuner, preamp and power amp.All purchased new and still being used in a bedroom system. The one I did sell was a pair of JBL L200 Studio Masters with a 15 woofer and horn/lens tweeter. That I regret.

I also owned (and sold)a 62 Vette and a 66 Vette, both with 427s. Also, a 68 Camaro 396 with aluminum heads and a
4.56 to 1 gear ratio. What an idiot!

I won't make the same mistake with my vinyl. I still have every Lp I ever bought and will pass them on to my daughter who loves vinyl.


Makes me think. I've still got all my vinyl but have been seriously considering selling my 67 Nova. I built this myself and it's wicked fast, drop dead gorgeous, race ready and street legal....rack and pinion and disk brakes too. Should I sell it? Hmmmmm.......

I sold (actually traded) 1957 Morris Minor Mini convertable for $350 and a Takamine guitar.

My mom dumped all our baseball trading cards (from the 1950's to early 60's), and comic books including the first Spiderman, Fantastic Four, etc. which probably would be worth the total cost of buying a new pair of Halcro 68 monoblocks and a pair of Pipedreams.
JBL L200 Studio Master Loudspeakers. God, I wish I had kept a pair from my 4 channel system of the early 70's. Would love to have a pair to hear "reference" quality Rolling Stones.
Yep Gregm, and I let go my 63 E-type for a whopping $980 and one free beer from the buyer. All she needed was a new clutch and TLC. Hey, maybe if I'd stuck to my $1,000 asking price she'd still be mine *sigh*
Rockvirgo, I remember seeing my first one very vivdly as a 5 year old parked near the beach in Southampton (top down, red with tan (biscuit?) leather ) I may have been to young to known what sex was (has to be the sexiest car ever made) but I knew I was in love. Soon after that I saw a Britsh Racing Geen Coupe with black interior. I've admired and adored them ever since.
VERY sexy car, agree. What about the previous model (xk 120). I fell in love with both as a kid. Never got over them