dehavilland ultraverve preamp with ss amp

Anyone have experience with this combo. I recently tried ultraverve with mccormack dna 1. While I enjoyed alot about the ultraverve, found the combo to overemphasize the mid to upper bass. I haven't heard this in either component before, ultraverve with dehavilland amp or mccormack with ss preamp. ? whether tube rolling dehavilland would help or just not a good match and why. The midrange with this combo was fantastic though. Appreciate any info-thanks- Joe
i have auditioned the ultraverve in my own stereo system.
i did not find the pre amp tube-like ar all. it sounds a lot like a ss preamp.

try a ss preamp with the mccormack.
I use the Ultraverve with a Bryston 14bsst and find it very warm and detailed. I totally disagree with Mrtennis. In fact, everyone who has listened to my system is amazed by the full soundstage and naturalness of the system. This question has been asked before and almost all responding concurred with my experience regarding the Ultraverve and ss amps. I highly recommend it.
Any suggestion regarding the mid to upper bass prominence? Speakers are cremona auditors which are not prone to this. Is this something that cables or tube rolling might address? Thanks.
Jbhorn, Kara at deHavilland will tell you that experimenting with 6sn7 tubes with her preamp is akin to trying different wines. Of all the tweaks I have made to my system, the ones that were immediately the most audible were from trying the many differing vintage 6sn7 tubes. By the way, the vintage tubes are, without question, much better than any of the new 6sn7 least for this preamp! For example, the Raytheon wgt's have a punchier bass but a slightly softer top end...the tung sol round plates lack a bit of bass punch but are the most true across the whole spectrum...IMHO. So, in answer to your question...yes, tube rolling with the deHavilland Ultraverve can make huge sonic changes in your system's overall sound signiture. Please email me for more info on 6sn7 tubes and any other questions you might have concerning this preamp, etc. I have had mine for about three years. I can't comment on you particular speakers though (I have B&W 802d's).
we all hear differently. if two audiophiles listen to the same stereo system, there will be three descriptions of the sound.

i have heard the ultraverve in my own system and with other dehavilland products. i stand by my description. it is likely that someone else in the same wroom with me would have a different assessment, which illustrates the problem of eliciting opinions.
The Dehavilland ultraverve is not overly tubey sounding. If you have the stock input 6sn7 tube in the Ultraverve then you may get the sound you're describing. However, in changing the one input tube (6sn7) you can get either softer tube sound (RCA/vt-231) or a fast sound (Syl Vt-231, GTA). The Syl 6sn7 input tube would definately give you a faster sound with less mid range. Because there is only one input tube in this preamp the sound will be noticably dependant on the selection of the one 6sn7 tube. Works just fine with Solid state amps and noticely better than the small tube 12at7 preamps (such as VTL or Manley based 12at7 & 12au7 preamps which worked ok). Also consider the IC going from your preamp to your amp.
Thanks for that follow up. I haven't given up on the ultraverve as an option. About to audition modwright 9.0, anyone with experience with this preamp. Thanks, Joe
Hey...This may be too late. I hope not. I have Mundorf caps in my Ultraverve and the speed and top end are even better. But that is a pain in the ass. Yes, tube choice makes a substantial difference with this preamp. I use a PS Audio Gain Cell amp, the GCA 100,with mine, and the results are just extraordinary. The most detailed tube with this preamp is the Sylvania 6sn7W tube, which is the best 6sn7 I have ever heard in any preamp. The CBS Hytron also loves the Dehavilland; the sound is very alive and involving. Everyone loves the Tung Sol Round Plates, but I prefer a tube with more dynamics. I have 2 pairs and I'm going to sell them when I get around to it. The Cremona's are a bit laid back for me anyway; I use Totem Mani 2 Signatures because I prefer the palpability of the top end and the lively three dimensional sound. The Cremona's are great speakers, but they need a bit of get up and go. The Gain Cell amp will mate well with the big tube sound of the Ultraverve. Good Luck
I have a hot-rodded Ultraverve and in my opinion the dynamics are unsurpassed (have yet to try a First Sound Presence but would not be surprised if it is in the same league).
I find it great that one can change the sound up without spending much as the unit only requires one 6SN7 output tube instead of having to buy pairs.
Interesting thread and worth reading for the variety of opinions. However, my search for a wonder-full, honest to goodness tube preamp ended with the Ultraverve (modded with better caps) followed by lengthy auditioning of vintage 6SN7s. Matches with the very revealing Red Wine Audio amp, I found the sonic character of the single 6SN7 tube to change the character of the pre as dramatically as one could wish. Yes, even to presuppose SS for tubes.

In the end, I settled on three very special tubes: Sylvania metal base, CBS Hytron, and Tungsol black glass 6SN7s. Why three? Because each tube happen to mate perfectly with the sonic character of three different one meter ICs that I already owned: Tungsol with the speed of an Empirical Audio PC Holophonic, Sylvania with the soundstaging of a Ridge Street Audio Reference, and perhaps my favorite, the Hytron with the super quiet(!), midrange spaciousness of the Revelation Audio Labs Paradise. Objectively, and out of context, the Syl MP is perhaps the best of the bunch for frequency extension, but I love the way the Hytron carresses the mids like no other.

Getting back to the UV preamp, the preamp is a machine for letting these tubes shine! If by "tube sound" you mean fully developed mids with a lushness that drips, the Hytron will rip you heart out. So it isn't enough to say you've heard this preamp with stock tubes and label it sterile, accurate, fast, and SS like. Swap tubes, optimize with the right IC, and make sure you have your impedances stacked correctly (actually it is more SS in this regard with benign 50K ohm input imp and a cathode follower that works with a min 10K ohm load).