Dehavilland Ultraverve 3

Merry Christmas to all! I just learned that an order was sent to the big guy in the red suit, and that my new preamp will be here in about two weeks. Now I know it needs to break in, but I cant help but begin to think about tubes and power cable!

I want to know what 6sn7 tubes and power cable you Ultraverve owners have had success with. Looking forward to your responses.

Have a blessed day with your loved ones!
Hi have obviously been very good and are in for a real treat! This is a great no nonsense preamplifier, minimalist build with no unnecessary parts in the signal path - a pure music maker!

I noticed very little break-in, it sounded superb right out of the box. I use all NOS tubes, Sylvania 6SN7, Westinghouse 6AH4GT's, and aTungsol 5AW4. I use a Wywires PC plugged directly into dedicated 20amp lines in the wall.

This preamp is very balanced and is not in the "tubey,lush" camp at all. It is dynamic with a very clear midrange and top end, great clarity. It also provides that great dimensionality, and depth, that great tube components provide which is important to me, especially at the preamp stage. It will also drive long IC's - I have done short and now use a 5 meter RCA with no loss of integrity. Enjoy! Hope this helps...
Pops, thanks a lot. I keep hearing good things about the Sylvanias, so I will have to take a look at those. I'm looking forward to what it will do for my system. Can't wait!!
I finally got my preamp!! I have listened to it for only a few hours thus far, but I can say that everything that has been said about this preamp is true. Wide, open and detailed without a sign of edge or brightness. The sound is full bodied and the midrange is very smooth, and again, this is with maybe five hours on it. I can only assume it will get better with time.
Hawk - glad to hear you got the pre - knew you would like it. I appreciate mine more every time I listen. It simply lets the music flow. Congrats and enjoy.