Dehavilland Ultraverve 2 vs. Mercury 2/3?

Has anyone had a chance to listen to both of these preamps? I am really enjoying the audition of the Ultraverve 2 (purchased here in A'gon) and was also considering the Mercury 3. What are the main differences? I noticed that the Mercury 3 is around $1500 more: it is a better pre?
Your money would be better invested into the new deHavilland 50A amplifiers the upgrading to the Mercury. Much better.

I heard Jim's 50a at RMAF and it was awesome.Highlight of the show.
Shredder I wish you had introduced yourself. I would have enjoyed meeting you. Thank you so much for the compliment. I sincerely appreciate it.

I simply can not get over my love affair with Kara Chaffee's electronics and the Wilson benesch carbon fiber speakers, the Curves. Over the years I have improved the cables, gone to Kubala's and the digital, gone to Esoteric. The basis of the system is Kara's electronics.

By the way. I saw were Tvad came in our room. No introduction of course. I wish he had said hello.

Give me a call some time to bs,
Any further observations of the differences? And those between Mercury 2 vs. 3?