deHavilland SuperVerve or Audible Illusions 3A ?

Comments ?

Only listen to CDs and SACDs.

XA777es SACD ( w/ ModWright mods )
Berning ZH-270 amp (NOS tubes)
Meadowlark Osprey
47 Lab OTA speaker and interconnect
Sound Application XE-12
TG Audio 688 and SLVR power cords
RixRax Hoodoo
I am not sure if it fits within your budget, or your desires, but consider selling your SONY and running an Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete straight into your amp(s). This assumes you do not run any other sources than digital. FWIW, this setup will play the DVD-A format as well. Your ears will love it.
I have a one year old AI Mod 3a in mint shape that I will be selling in a downsizing move at the end of July. Let me know if you are interested. I have not heard the Verve but it looks great and the reviews are good too. good luck with whatever you choose.

The Ospreys look great, are they as good as everyone says?