deHavilland Mercury II owners

Has anyone done any tube rolling with this preamp? I've been using all Sylvania tubes in mine. Thanks in advance. Jeff
No, but i am also interested in this subject!
If i have experience i will report, i will get my mercury 3 soonest in 6 weeks.
The Mercury II is an incredible preamp. Unfortunately I had a mismatch with the amplifier I was using back then. I wouldn't mind owning the Mercury again.
what Sylvanias are you using and how are diffenreces to stock tubes?
I got my mercury3 yesterday with raytheon 85´s and tung-sol 5AW4 and GE 6BL7GTA.
Let me know your thouhgts on tubes.
Thanks in advance!
Hi Ralphww: There are really no "stock" tubes that come with the Mercury preamps. It's my understanding that Kara et al matches tubes in pairs regardless of the brand. I personally have ALL Sylvania tubes running right now that I bought from Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Also, I found that if you replace the 5AW4 rectifier tube with a 5U4GB, it really tightness up your sound. Good listening. Jeff