Dehavilland GM70 vs. Lamm ML1.1

Has anyone made any comparisons between these two amplifiers. What were your impressions? Which did you like better and why. I am using 88db efficient two way that dips to a 5 ohm load. My room size is about 20 by 20. Thank you for your responses.

Hey,Darrin;---While I never owned either of these---However I did own the Dehav. 845 Aeries g----I was interested in the 70's and was told by the factory, they had a bit more power,(naturally)and a bit less of the SET magic, than the Aeries. Never heard the Lamm 1.1---My educated guess is the Lamm is just a much better /refined amp,period.---Like,I would never think of them as apples vs. apples,amps.--(For whatever my guess is worth.)
George, thank you for the response. I'm sure both are great amps, however the Dehav is SET, while the Lamm is push pull. I'm like alot of other listeners who typically prefer the SET sound over a push pull design. It would be great if somebody on the gon had experience with both.