deHavilland Electric Amp at RMAF

I see from the RMAF exhibitors list, Kara from deHavilland will be there with her new 50A amplifier. After next weekend if anyone cares to post their impressions on how it sounded to them, I would be grateful. Unfortunately I can't come to listen this year. Thanks Ron
I heard it at RMAF yesterday. Fantastic amp. Highlight of the show for me and my friend. Deepest soundstage I think I have ever heard. Drummer sounded several feet behind vocal for example. Smooth natural very listenable sound, but with oodles of detail. Sounded great with very different kinds of music from Leonard Cohen to the Feelies. I am actually considering getting one.
I heard this amp well over a year ago at VSAC and it is very impressive. Shredder's impressions was very simular to mine. Well worth seeking out.
How do they sound compared to the excellent deHav 845s?
Thanks Shredder and Bob, I'm encouraged. Something to look for and listen to. Paul has a good question. I'd be interested in that answer too.
What was the rest of the system? Who remembers?
Wilson Benesch speakers, a DeHavilland pre (don't remember the model name).