Degritter MKI versus Degritter MKII

Has anyone traded in their Degritter I for a Degritter II? I'm wondering if you can tell a difference between the two machines. Degritter has yet to post anything that demonstrates a difference in terms of either time to clean a record (assuming one usually runs more than one cycle, which I do) or how clean a record is after one cycle in each machine. And, I have not found any independent reviews comparing the two machines. The cost to upgrade, having already paid a handsome (and worthwhile) sum for the Degritter I, is not trivial. Thanks.


Probably best to stay away from reading reviews and just enjoy listening to clean records.

I would be disappointed if a new product was introduced for 1/3 the price and did the same job.

I think the upgrade is more to do with the convenience of a DW rinse without changing tanks (although you have to stand over it to switch tanks with a button press, rather than physically changing tanks as at present).

I plan to keep using MkI until either it or I fail. If I have everything cleaned at that point and I’m still here to listen to the results, I’ll have to decide whether to to buy another or just refresh the cleaning with my Loricraft, which is 12 years old and still going strong.

Not the same thing, but you can update your firmware on the MK I to the latest greatest version which alters US cleaning options.