Degritter brand ultrasonic record cleaner

I received notification yesterday that the Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner is finally making it into production. I have been watching the company for about a year, as the cleaner has moved from prototype to beta testing , and now to a limited production of the finalized (we’ll see ;-) version. The design is excellent, eliminating my reservations about the high-priced (around $4,000) ultrasonic cleaners, at a little over half their price (just over $2,000, last I read). The Degritter uses 120kHz as it’s ultrasonic frequency, and features water filtering and disc drying. It also looks cool, like a 1950’s toaster! Details available on the companys website.
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Curious about other Degritter owners:  what are your impressions of the sound after washing?

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I’m not good at putting it into words but I prefer the sound of any album run through the Degritter. This is including new ones right from the package. I’m going back through my entire collection and putting each record through a heavy wash as a starting point. To me it’s more open and interesting sounding after a Degritter wash. 

Sounds good vortex.
I notice what seems to be more subtle, rich quality to the sound after cleaning.  And a washed record seems more "transparent" like my speakers disappear and soundstage better in a way.  Probably due to a drop in the background noise floor, giving a deeper impression of the soundfield.
Has anyone compared the Audio Desk vs Degritter? Considering them both for about the same price.