Definitive Technology - ST and STS

Has anyone tried these speakers? Are they as good as the reviews claim?

I presently have bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer and I'm looking at replacing them with floorstanding full range speakers. A friend has recommended that I look at these but his opinion is based on reviews.
I have yet to hear the Mythos ST or STS. And, Definitive Technology gets very little attention in these forums unless it's negative attention. Based on a little chatter going on out there, I think there are a few audiophiles pondering a similar question to yours. Is the Mythos ST and the baby brother STS a speaker for audiophiles? Or are they more of the same unrefined HT speakers they always produce? Is it possible Definitive finally has a winner for music? It remains to be seen errr..heard.
Anyone other comments / opinions?
I have the aluminum ST towers and center (came out a few years ago) in my home theater - very good for the $$, but I'd not use them in my main (music-only) rig. Nice look, too - high WAF.

Have not heard the new model w/powered subs, which were just reviewed in Stereophile. Should be easy to hear them somewhere, DefTech has wide distribution.
I bought them. I'm 2 weeks into them. I didn't expect much but these are remarkable speakers. Possibly my favorite speaker to date.