Definitive Technology Mythos STS floorstanders

I purchased a new pair of STS's to be used in a 2-channel set up only. Professional reviews are very favorable. Personal reviews are not as favorable stating they are voiced more for HT than music. They replace a pair of Paradigm Studio 20, v.3 monitors.

I've been breaking them in, from new, for 5 days. I'm running them about 8 hrs. a day. Def. Tech. says they will break-in around 50 hrs. or more. So far I like them BUT am unable to position them 3 feet or more away from the back wall as the manual set up suggests. They are in a medium sized bedroom system. This is the only room I can use. It's possible I won't be able to experience their full potential.

Bedroom system:
Arcam CD37 CD player
Harmonic Tech. Magic Link II RCA IC's
Bryston B-60 SST or Arcam A38 integrated amp
Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cable

This system has never had another pair of tower speakers connected to it so I haven't been able to compare the STS's to anything else.

So, has anyone compared the STS's to another pair (Approx. $3000.00/pair) of towers for 2-channel purposes only and found them to be more suited for music than HT?

Thank you to all responders.

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I use the BP-7004 series for a home theater along with the powered center (2003). I NEVER intended to use them much for music and basically considered them "big" and "loud" though still impressively detailed.

Then I tried connecting them to better amps....Odyssey Stratos and quite recently the new Manley Stingray II tube amp. In the room was also a pair of borrowed Totem Hawks.

The Hawks were better in many respects...especially sounding quicker and more articulate. But they also required a lot of work to get them to image as well as the Def Techs, which presented a superior sense of scale and of course really dig down lower. Oddly we found the Def Techs more laid back. Tonally both speakers were very good, but the Totems were a hair better for jazz and small ensembles. Throwing on some Steely Dan and Lyle Lovett...The Def Techs were superior and required no sub. Going back to a Denon receiver and we heard what most people hear; a so-so big speaker that didn't sound all that coherent. Connecting the Totems to the receiver resulted in much less damage. They seemed to hold their own better with lower end impressive achievement.

I think the lesson is obvious. The Def Techs CAN be a very good speaker when placed in a better system. But most people aren't likely to hear a pair connected to a 18 watt tube amp or even a good Stratos. They are a mid fi market speaker that can overachieve....but you need to find better electronics to hear it.