Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Anybody heard these? I've read a lot of good reviews and there's a couple pairs on ebay for a good price. I'm looking for a versatile speaker, this seems like it could do the job.
I had a pair for a while but wasn't patient and sold them. I think they have the potential to be great but they didn't work so well with my Blue Circle integrated, and since I loved that integrated I sold them. I put their performance down to not trying them with an amp or integrated that matched them well. These speakers have gotten plenty of praise from plenty of reviewers at different website publications (and a significant number of users too). They can't all be wrong. I would say, match them with an integrated that is proven to be good match (like the Cayin) or the right separates and you could really have something. They are clean sounding and have good to great low end.