Definitive Technology Monitor 450

HI to Everyone
I was thinking of buying Deftech Studio 450.
Does anybody have any experience with those speakers
I've auditioned the 350 monitors. Although the 450 is larger and has a larger mid-woofer, the tweeter (and I suspect, the x-over) is the same. YMMV, but I can't stand the Def Tech house sound. Overly bright, distorted, metalic and harsh in the upper-mids and lower treble. Exactly the opposite of what I personally look for in a loudspeaker. Perhaps with really great electronics, they might sound better. This audition was at a Magnolia Home Theater inside Best Buy. The electronics were a high-end Pioneer Elite AVR and Elite Blue Ray disc player. I brought my own CDs and DVDs, so I'd be familiar with the material and how it sounds on my own system (posted in my profile if you want to see it).

We compared these to some Vienna Acoustics speakers, which were considerably higher priced. There really was no comparison - the VAs were smooth, detailed and pleasant to listen to. The Def Techs made me want to run out of the room about 5 seconds into the first track.

However, if you have really warm gear and cables, and your room is on the dead side acoustically, or if you're hard of hearing above 3kHz, they might be fine for you.

The 450 lists for ~$640/pr. In that range, here are some suggestions for auditioning:

Silverline Audio Minuet - $600/pr and very impressive for the price, IMO.

ERA Design 4
Usher 520
Paradigm Atom or Titan
Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1
Aperion Audion Intimus 6B
BG Z-1
Gini Systems LS 3/5a
Linn Kan

I would even prefer some modest Polk monitors to the Def Techs.

No offence to Def Tech fans, these are my own thoughts. YMMV.
I have the same exeprience at the BB/ Magnolia with their Denon ARV however after I bought a SM450 on line ,I am very happy with it. My modest bedroom system is nothing fancy but the Pioneer Elite BDP 95 ( anolog out) and the Rotel Ra 1062 with a 24" metal stand. Both tweeters facing outward. Ic is an old Audioquest and a monster cables speakers. Listenning nearfield 4/5" between 2 Sm450, I am again love the sound of Diana Krall ( Love scenes, Live in Paris) and the Fourplays CDs. I have nothing but a clean, clear and big soundstage. I haven't tested them with my Pioneer RC07 and the Elite BDP05 yet. For $389.00 plus free shipping, I have a brand new, factory sealed pair. I have not spent more than 3 hours with the SM450 yet. Will report later. This is no Martin Logan or Sonus Faber but for the budget of under $400.00, it's a bargain. YMMV! I have bought some NHT M5s before and eventhough Stereophile give the M6 a class A bookshelf, I could not stand the brightness of the M5s. Another budget bookshelf under $400.00 is the POLK RTI A1, sound fanstatic with my Rotel ra 1062. Due to my health and current financial situation, I have learned to stay away from those big boys' toys I once could afford. Good luck in your search for a good budget bookshelf speakers.
Yeah,the SM 450 and Elite RC07 2 channel direct audio is a bit bright and little bit thin on Diana Krall vocal. This combination is for H/T application. Neither harsh and nor sibilant as I recall as the BP6/BP8 I once had in the 80s. The bp10 is a different animal. So if you own a AVreceiver and want pure 2 channel audio you may want to look somewhere else. I bought these simply for H/T application. At the price, it is simply cannot be beat.