Definitive Technology CLR2300

Hi all,

Woulds like to hear from anyone who is using the Definitive Technology center channels with the built in subs inparticular the CLR2300. Please share your thoughts and experince with the speaker. Thanks to all in advance.


I used to have one of these a long time ago

Personally, i think they are great.

Im an avid supporter of using identical speakers with identical amplification all around, however, if not possible, i believe in making them similar as possible, especially with range. The built in subs on those will let them stretch down pretty far, and it is definatly a full range speaker.

So if you are using full range speakers in the front, then one of these fits the bill well, especially if you are using tower speakers from Definitive Tech's line. They make excellent HT speakers.

If you are using monitors though, you might find that things sound a little wierd when the vocals sound rich and full in the front, but slightly thinner at the sides.

Take your time with it to get ti sound its best. I am a fan of bass, but i dont want Catherine Zeta Jones to sound like James Earl Jones.
can anyone else chime in on this?
Basically they really deserve a listening.

Im not a huge fan of "Center channels", i would prefer to use identical speakers all the way around, but alot of times the convinience of a "center channel" is real nice.

Im also a big fan of full-range speakers, and this is definatly not a "Monitor", it hits the whole audible span

If you can find a dealer for these, they are worth a listen.

Definitive Technology's speakers really kick ass for home theater, especially for the price. In my humble opinion, for the price range they cannot be beat.
agree with Slappy.
I have BP2000TLs and CLR2000 in HT system with Elite 49txi rcvr. Really great sound at 1/8th the price of my CJ/Wadia/Cary/Aventgarde 2 channel system.

Can't really compare the 2 systems, but for HT, I think the DefTechs are a huge bargain.