Definitive Technology

Any thoughts on the BP2002TL model for HT only application. I am running a Meridian processor with Parasound amplification and paradigm sub>
I am using DefTech BP2000s with BK components and it sounds great for HT and decent for music. Your Meridian D/A may be more revealing you will probably benefit from higher quality speakers such as Alon or Vandersteen.
I had a pair of BP2002s then traded them in on a pair of BP2002tls. That proved to be a mistake. The TL has a very pronounced mid-bass hump that I couldn't overcome. They also don't have the bass extention of the earlier models.

Don't get me wrong Dev tech's origional models where awsome for the money but I auditioned several newer models and there just not up to par.

I believe that has some good sugestions.