definitive tech mythos ST for hometheater

Has anybody experienced the New mythos ST hometheater system? Any other speaker package out there that will sound better for similar money? Would it be better to go separate or a good receiver will do the job? I want a good souding hometheater with a lot of details,dynamics,etc. please any recomendation will be apreciated.

Thank you
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The Mythos is a fine sounding speaker but, during my auditioning the sub was either not set up properly or, it did not integrate all that well - or maybe both. I was always aware of cues coming from the subwoofers or, their respective radiators. The integration was not as transparent as I had hoped. It is very possible that it was only a matter of adjustment but, I had asked the dealer to set them up prior to my arrival to audition them. Anyway, from the lower midrange on up the speakers sounded very, very good.

I also have auditioned the newer Martin Logan stats (Summit and Vantage) numerous times and, these integrate and balance out very well - especially the Summit. I could be happy with either of these in my living room. And, their transparency though the midrange and treble is beyond reproach.
I just to be a martin logan fan. well maybe still I am. I would love to get my hands on a set of summit and separates. anybody else wants to coments?
I have owned both the Mythos ST and the Vantage. Personally, I did not notice any difference in driver integration.

The Mythos towers are easier to position though...
The Mythos ST for home theatre are excellent some may want a little more boom if this is the case they have smaller cube subs that will give you all that added bottom end .