Definitive SuperCube Trinity

Hi all,

I'm looking for a sub that will be used 100% for HT. Anyone have any personal experience with this sub or heard it in person? They can be found for about 2k, which seems like a steal.

Another option I'm considering is the F113 for about the same price, but if Definitive isn't lying about the output of this sub, the F113 will be left in the dust.

The sub also has a 2k/w amp. Would a dedicated 20 amp circuit be enough for this thing?

The Trinity is a monster sub, and I do not think Def Tech is exaggerating it's output. FWIW the sub wasn't designed for HT use, it was designed to reproduce pipe organs in the Trinity church in NYC which switched to an electric pipe organ after 9/11 debris destroyed their actual pipe organ.

It's huge (31"x18"x18") and will outperform the F113 in output!
I've read the review from Audio Revolution about the sub. It may have not been designed for HT, but it sure performs well for HT.

I was thinking of pairing it with the SMS-1 so I can customize it for my room.

Anyone here heard this thing in person?