Definitive BP7000SC vs. Paradyme signature S8

Which system is better for home theater and music: (1) Definitive BP7000SC, Center clr3000, surround BPVX and (2) Paradyme signature S8, Center C5, Surround ADP?
My store doesn't carry either one but the Paradigm speakers are better. They are far less colored and don't exaggerate boomy bass and sizzly highs. You will also be able to own them longer without getting tired of them. Also look at Vienna Acoustics and Aerial.
I just purchased the 7000's a few weeks ago which I purchased for music only (an audiophile sacrilege!). They are very good for music so far with my Plinius 9200 which I've had for a week. I am continuing to work with them since this configuration is so new. Now, if your're looking for a speaker for HT AND MUSIC there are few that can do the combo better than Def Tech. The Paradigm model you speak of I have never heard. However, I cannot imagine any Paradigm outperforming the 7000's in home theater. The Def Techs IMHO are some of the best home theater speakers available, period, and you get more performance for the money. All opinions however, your mileage may vary....
Sorry to completely disagree but Foster 9 likes the DEF Techs because his amp is awesome, not the speakers. I have heard both and he hasn't and to say that there are no better speakers out there is like thinking there is no better sports car than a Chevy Nova. They are not the worst speakers but if Best Buy has them in some of their stores next to Bose it is no wonder they sound so good. I am very picky though because my speakers are considered a bargain at $65,000 a pair. (Blows away WAMM's at $225,000.)
Opinions don’t normally bother me unless they are so far off of reality it is like watching a Michael Moore documentary. LOL
Sorry, after I read what I wrote it sounded way to snotty. I was just making a point with what I thought was humor.