Definition of Audiophile vis-a-vis Music ....

Steve Guttenberg(Stereophile)'s definition :
"a person who frets over their system, agonises over choices, loves gear and sometimes music...."

Nowadays, I no longer fret over my system or agonise over choices. I still love gear and I love music ALL the time.
I have always thought that this hobby has ALWAYS been about the music.

Do I still qualify as an audiophile? Anyone out there like me who simply listens to music now with no more thought about their system?

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I really don't care how my system looks. It's about what comes out of it. Most of my gear was purchased used for a specific desired effect. Black pieces, silver pieces, so what. My speakers were about a third of the retail cost, with small blemishes I couldn't care less about. It's not a pretty setup, but what comes out is the beauty of it.
"...but what comes out is the beauty of it."

+1, Abucktwoeighty.

Cheers! J.
Of course it's about the music and the quality of the sound. I think most people on this forum would agree. If I didn't believe that I would not frequent this site.

it is all about getting the most sonic pleasure out of your gear. We (audiophiles) require sonic pleasure, as it pertains to, doing the music justice.

Yes, it is all about applying justice to the Music.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I don't think anybody loves music more than I do and just as a beautiful hall enhances a symphonic concert a good looking refined rack of equipment helps me enjoy music at home .
To say otherwise is about like saying I love my wife even if she is butt-ugly.Perhaps with ugly music it doesn't make any difference either but I know of nothing else where beauty is amiss .
Hi all,
The discussion seems to have veered towards the aesthetics of audio gear. If a piece of kit looks sexy WHILE still sounding glorious, that would be an added bonus. But I guess looks should never take precedence over sound.
This aspect aside, how many of you out there have stopped thinking about gear, sound or looks or otherwise, and have come to the point when every time you switch your system on, all you want to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the music?
Shubert, not the best analogy.
I listen with the lights out. I turn them on to flip the record over, then turn them out again. I also turn off all electronic displays for things like meters, volume, etc. I want to recreate the musical event as much as possible, and stressing over the looks of boxes full of electronics doesn't do it for me.
Abucktoweighty, yup, I thought it was a poor analogy myself
but was too lazy to change it.
Fact remains I see no reason to look at ugly gear all day when there is plenty of nice looking stuff that can do it all.
If I was in love with two women at one time ,all things
being equal, I would choose the better looking one like 99.3 % of guys.
Is that better?
Jon, I've never been audiophile, but having already acquired huge vinyl collection, I thought of getting a descent rig and after the thorough research, I've built system half pro-audio half home-audio mid-fi gear that I did not upgrade for the past 10 years. The only component that I changed 4 years ago was Mytek DAC-preamp replaced my Classe 30 that started to humm. I did not want to re-cap it and sold as-is. I get tight and fast bass and clear and precise details on any type of music I listen to mostly on vinyl.
My digital playback is almost no compromise as well.
So your point is .7 percent of guys like ugly women?
They're all beautiful, you just have to see through the barriers.
Another comparison would be driving a luxury high performance car. I'd like it a lot more if I was sitting in a nice neutral colored one versus a hot pink one. They would drive the same, but it just wouldn't be the same in the hot pink one.
The true beauty of a person lies in his or her heart, mind and soul. I guess it would be likewise for audio gear.

Beautiful women tend to go with ugly men because they, rightly or wrongly, trust ugly men more to not cheat on them. Men seek out pretty women more for their outer beauty as trophy girlfriend/wife than..... When they get burnt by a pretty woman, they would of course realise the folly of their choice in the first place.

Back to audio gear, the inner beauty of gear lies in the sound that emanates from them. Looks tend to be secondary in our purchasing decisions.

Happy listening! J.
when i was younger blingy gear would get my attention. i used to have this gold bodied, diamond cantilevered cart that looked drop dead gorgeous on my arm, i went back to my wood bodied coffin that knows what to do when the lights go off
Cart, coffin - what sort of gear are you referring to that resembles either of that? :)
Cart Coffin = Grado Signatures. That's why they sound drop dead gorgeous.
Yes, the Grado Signatures are indeed special. :)
I'll say it, I enjoy my gear more than the music at times. Sure, I enjoy the music, but I also enjoy playing my some of my favorite music on my different systems to hear the variations.
I love music no matter what gear is used.
I'm fine with my stock system of Subaru XV-crosstrek and not going to upgrade it to Lexus with HK or Levinson system because of that. However I do think of going back to BMW (X1 probably) and that's my other passion besides music.
I just sold my most expensive component which is Michell Gyro SE/Technoarm to cover vet bills of my parrot brutally attacked by cat by accident and happy listening to my secondary Empire 698 with AT 5001 arm.
I was somehow attracted to gear, now not anymore. I'm not audiophile anymore by all definitions, but love lots of music(real music played and recorded by musicians of all times).
An Audiophile: a person who uses music to evaluate audio gear.
A Music Lover: a person who uses audio gear to evaluate music.

I'd say I used to be an audiophile, these days anymore I'm a music lover.

Who's the mentalist that immediately stated the OP concerned aesthetics...??!!
It plays a small part of course but it's about the desire to upgrade; the thought that there is always another piece of equipment that can enhance your musical nirvana.
I love music even more (if that's possible) thanks to the discovery of high end audio.
They do not have to be separate entities.
Sorry to hear about your parrot and your having to let go the Michell Gyro. Life should always take precedence over inanimate stuff like audio gear. Hurray to you for humanity.
J. :)