Defective REL G1 Subwoofers

I have gone through 3 REL G1 subs. The first 2 have been defective. The third seems to be OK.
The first two subs both made noise when the phase switch was put on 180. This was with the high level Speakon connection and playing music.
Everything was OK back at the 0 phase setting.
Both subs bottomed out frequently on low level LFE connection in both phase settings.

The third sub seems OK in all situations. Maybe a bad run on the first two?? Sumiko claims they have not seen these problems.
Anybody out there with defective REL G1 subs?
I don't know the REL G series subs and I can't speak specifically to the phase issue that you're experiencing. However, REL subs have not generally fared well on the deep bass/clean output tests that I've seen - which could explain the LFE bottoming. This may well be by design, in that REL subs have (rightly or wrongly) long been touted for use in music, rather than cinema applications.

Compare the data on these (older model) RELs to a sub like the SVS models, which are clearly optimized for LFE:

Your subs are newer and may be designed quite differently, so a grain of salt may be required in the evaluation here.

Good Luck.

I always wondered why RELS are always for sale . I don't think they are the same since made in CHINA. Not the same as the older models.
I've had several RELs and had quality issues.....not going back to a REL again.
I've owned REL for several years now. I just picked up a G1 to replace a R505. Let me tell you if you haven't calibrated your system with a sound meter or receiver software the things that have been described in previous post are bound to happen. I know because I initially bottomed out my sub due to user error or lack of proper setup. Once I did the right thing and used a sound meter and properly set the crossover point and levels for a true sub bass system it shakes my 3000sq ft home no problem except the wife hates it. I run all Audioquest cabling including a CV-8 that Audioquest properly terminated for the neutrik connection. I run Vienna Acoustics with my Rel in a 13 X 22ft rm. My crossover point is set at 57hz, LFE is at 14db(calibrated with a sound meter its set at 12db) and neutrik at 13db. In regards to phase change. If you here a slight thump that is normal in most subs when you change phase. In Regards to made in China most manufactures now send there individual parts to be assembled in China, just like my high end Ipad and killed the tablet market. That remark has no valor anymore. Thanks for listening people.
I don't have the G Series but I do have the R-328 and love It for misic. IT plays DEEP and FAST. I have the X over set at 40hz. When I use It for cinema It shakes my home. A Rel sub Is not like must subs as I found out. But when set up right they sound good. I would have to push the R-328 hard to get It to bottom out.
I have owned several REL subs... Strata II, Storm III, Q108.... all great subs. I currently run a pair of REL STORM III for my music setup. I have not had nay issues. I prefer the downfire setup of the older "ST" series subs and feel that they still sound better thanthe newer subs.

And being "MADE IN CHINA" still matters as there are many manufacturers that still do it right, but you will have to pay....
I have owned Dynaudio, B&W, ML, SVS, JL and REL subs (B1 & B2). By far, for music, the REL is the king. No issues whatsoever with my RELs - not so much with the other (B&W no problems either).