Defective MGE/Topaz 800 series power conditioner?

I've been paying around with a hard wired MGE/Topaz 800 3.7 Kva power conditioner and have a few questions. A description of the 800 can be found here.
This also appears to be the same power conditioner, just distributed by a different company.

The primary side is marked as follows: H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 with:

H1-H2 120 volt input
H1-H3 208 volt input
H1-H4 240 volt input
H1-H5 480 volt input

I'm using inputs H1 and H4 and stepping down to 120 volts on the secondary. There is also a ground terminal where I connected a ground from the main panel. This ground is tied to the newly created neutral on the secondary side with a factory installed jumper.

The secondary side is marked as follows. X1 N X2 X3 with:

X1-N 120 volts output
X2-X3 208 volts output
X1-X3 240 volts output
X3-N 120 volts output

With my Fluke 79III meter everything appears to measuring correctly on the secondary side, but I have two issues:

The unit is rated as having an audible noise of 52-56 -dB measured one meter away, A-level metering. With my Phonic PAA3 I'm measuring between 70-74 -dB which is totally unacceptable. The unit is way too loud and would be clearly audible from inside my electrical closet.

The other odd thing is, for some reason, I'm measuring output voltage on the unused input primary terminals. For example, on H5, I'm measuring 360 volts to ground. Can this, or should this be?

Anyone familiar with is unit or could provide some advice it would be much appreciated. I'll be giving a call to Al Magro at Allied Electronics on Monday to ask some advice as well. Thanks for any info you can provide.