Default UESUGI tube amps from Japan, more infos please

Hello to all,

Anybody out there that had contact with the UESUGI tube amps from Japan?

Some of the products:

UESUGI 製品一覧 ウエスギ/上杉研究所

You can find others on same japanese audio stores only, I did not understood if this are vintage amps, or still in production, not found consistent infos... almost no info in english, for what I found, they are "were" supplied as kits or assembled... appears to be very popular in Japan

The looks is somehow vintage, but you find a lot of images of then, where it's clearly new units.. very clean....

They don't have an official website neither..

Appreciate very much more infos about UESUGI amps.

Many thanks, best regards.
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I have three friends who are currently using Uesugi units. All of them are using  a preamp with built in MM phono stage and one has his paired with EL 34 based Uesugi monoblocs. Sorry, I simply don't know any of the model #s. The fellow with the amp/preamp setup also has a Doshi amp/preamp/phono stage setup he swaps in and out. Personally, I find the two setups to be interchangeable in sound quality overall. Either is equally satisfying to me though, obviously, there are some differences in their overall presentation. BTW, he uses the Doshi phono stage exclusively as his MC cart is not copascetic with the Uesugi MM phono section.
Already found the website, the company still in business.