Def tech supercube reference or REL R-528

Hello all. Im more geared toward music now but I do love watching movies as well. Ive read the REL is the more musical of the two but the Def Tech is much better for theater. Ive also read quite a few reviews by users and mags that say the SC Reference is musical. At this point anything would be better than the BA sub I have now.

However, since both 2k or more my question is:

(1) Can I get away with the less costly Supercube Reference with music or will it leave me craving the REL?

(2) Will the more expensive REL satisfy my music craving but leave me wanting on the theater side of things?

(3) Which one would satify both sides better and be a better foundation for future speaker upgrades?

I sure wish there was one product that offers the absolute best of both worlds.
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Well just got off the phone with an audio shop and they reccommended I go with the Vandersteen 2w over the REL or SC Reference. Ive heard and read good reviews about the Vandersteens from users and pros before. So I guess Vandersteen 2w is added to the list now. What do you guys think? Im leaning toward the Vandersteens now.

Any testimonials on the 2W???
I don't own the 2w, but I have a pair of 2Wqs. I also have an older Def Tech PF15 sub. Based on my experience, I would give a strong nod to the Vandy. My 2Wqs are powerful, yet tight and tuneful. The V2W should be an ideal compromise between a subwoofer oriented towards music and one oriented towards home theater. At $1550, you've got wood left over for a nice subwoofer cable.

Better still, if you have the space, I'd buy the 2Wq, which is intended mainly for music, and add it to your stereo mains. Take the $450 remaining and buy an inexpensive dedicated home theater sub. This will allow you to run your mains full range, and use the home theater sub for LFE and bass from the center and surround channels only. It's more or less what I do. Just note that you need to have preamp outputs and amp inputs to use the 2Wq.
I have a SC reference in a simple 2.1 system with SM450's that we basically just watch movies on. It's as ferocious on LFE as the reviews say and as bad on music as the posters here will say.....but to be fair this is in a sub-optimal layout (as evidenced by the "2.1")
I can't help specifically with the either/or question as I have two in my HT and a separate sub just for music in another room. But, having owned the Def Tech pf-15 and listened to numerous super cubes I contemplated buying, I can say they are nowhere close in performance, apples/oranges. I've considered a few RELs after listening to them and couldn't justify the cost, as good as they sounded. No experience with Vandy. Excluding he Vandy, my choice for HT and music would be a REL, although I prefer the older ones.
First of all, do you have a separate amplifier and preamp? The REL and Vandersteen subs are your best choices, however, they connect to your system very differently. The REL is the most flexible. You connect it to the outputs on your amplifier, integrated amplifier or receiver. You run your your main speakers full range and blend in the REL which is a piece of cake. You use the Vandersteen with separates and use resistors to cut off the main amp and speakers while also connecting to the amplifier outputs for a sample signal. Both subwoofers are great, but if it was me I would go with the REL unless I had Vandersteen speakers.

Which is best for music and movies? The musical subs work well with either music or movies. The movie subs work better with movies than with music.
The REL is a good way to go, runs dual mode (LFE and high level) at the same time with different settings.
Thanks for the very informative replies. After listening to what you each said I think I'll lean toward the REL. I did not think about the connectivity until Rrog mentioned it. I just assumed they all connected the same way. Silly me lol.

I have a denon receiver "for now", not separates. So it sounds like the REL is more versatile and less involving to setup than the Vandersteens. I've read nothing but rave reviews on the Vandy and RELs. Can't say the same about the SC Reference, when it comes to the music aspect. Now to just find a good deal on a REL.
Thanks audiofreak32. Just saw your post. Yeah I'm gonna go with REL.
Try Vann's.
Thanks for the tip on Vanns Mt10425...I saw a Rel listing on there yesterday I believe. Will check it out.