Def tech speakers with Adcom gfr-700

Hi guys,
I'm setting up my HT system right now. It will be 80% video, 20% audio. I'm thinking of the following setup:
Speakers: Def Tech (STS + Mythos Nine + Gem X:)
AVR: Adcom-GFR700
Blu-Ray: Oppo-83.
I will need to run the 7.1 analog out from the BD to the Adcom since Adcom cannot decode BitStream.
Does anyone has this setup? Can you give feedback on the any potential issues for this setup?
just know that dolby hd and dts master will likely be a bit softer dynamically than processed in an outboard av pre or receiver. I'd recomend finding something that processes all the lates codecs, and that has EQ built in, plus lates scalling, etc (I predict that, sometime in the year 2018, Emotiva will actually release the UMC-1 processor) as part of your recipie if you can. I think you'll get better results across the board. As for your speakers, you'll likely have to try, becuase eveyone has different tastes and opinions on that topic.