Def Tech Mythos Anyone ?

Dear Fellow Audio Lovers,
I would like to hear from anyone who has heard the Definitive Mythos systems. Your thoughts on their Stereo/ multichannel music as well as home theater performance. They have recieved some good press on the Mythos but I am not sure if some of the reviewers are not on the manufacturers payroll "sometimes it seems everything they review is good". That's why I turn to all of you for an honest review. Are they a legitimate speaker for all applications or something that should be avoided.
Regards to all,
I heard them at CES. They were impressive at first (and in a short listening period), but started to show their flaws over long listening sessions.
Thanks Gaudio_eek
Can you be more specific as to your findings.?
I recently bought a pair of Mythos One mains & Mythos Three center channel. I love the imaging and detail from these speakers. They replace DBX Soundfield V's. The specs on the Ones claim 40hz low end, but that's got to be less than -3db. I am using a HSU VTF-3 subwoofer at 100hz crossover & the blending is seamless. My living (great) room is 24X24 feet, with an exposed-truss cathedral ceiling. With my former speakers, I had lots of nodes of low volume and others of increased volume. Walking across the room was a hoot! With these Mythos speakers, however, the soundfield is much more uniform. I was most impressed by the detail I heard in CDs I was familiar with. I was hearing things that I didn't know were in the recording! As you may surmise, I'm very pleased with these speakers. (I'm not a pro, but I'm not being paid anything by Definitive or anyone else, either... )