def tech bp2004 or b&w dm604 for home theater?

I would love anyone's input in helping make a decision.

Never owned the B&W's but i used to have a Deftech theater setup consisting as...

ProCinema 100 Center
DefTech Prosub 200

The Deftechs 2004Tls preformed better than i could have ever hoped for HT. Full commanding sound, the bipolar aspect really creates a fantastic soundstage.
i sold these a while back, and now i wish i never did.

probably not the best for just 2 channel, they do sound pretty good for music, but they seem to have been built for HT

you also might still want to get a subwoofer. The Pro-sub 200 complimented these things perfectly. Yeah they have subwoofers built in them, but they DO sound better with an extra sub.
I also have never owned or heard the B & w's but I have had many good speakers over the years. Currently I have BP2002TL's as L / R in my surround system and I thnk they are great speakers in all regards, even in 2 channel. I have them single biwired with a Marantz SR14EX and Sony DVP9000es and I am very pleased. The subwoofer volume is of course adjustable. Big dividends for taking the time to position them correctly. God luck.
Thanks for the input. I am concerned that I will not be able to place them far enough away from the back wall. I have heard the 2004's in several different rooms and they have sounded completely different in each, so I guess I'll never know until I get them in my room.

Any input from B&W owners?