Deepest Bass in the Known Universe...

Guy's I came across a story today that gives new meaning to the word "BASS". This baby has bass 57 octaves lower than middle-C. You've got to check this out!
I tried that in my room, but couldn't get rid of a 4db spike right at 55 octaves lower than middle-C. I tried everything too.
Yes, I read about this in the newspaper this morning.

These guys who build 50 foot long concrete transmission lines in their floors don't look so special now, do they?
Kthomas...You just need the right size bass trap. I built mine to enclose the entire solar system. It only took one weekend and I got all the parts at Home Depot (grin).
Boy, God sure does have a deep voice.
It's Disaster Area's PA setup!
For you scientists out there, how many "Hz" would that note correspond to? I mean you can't go below DC, right? So would that make it something like 0.0000000000673Hz (that's an example, not an actual calculation)???

And what would the wavelength of such a note be??!!!
rough calculation: 256 Hz divided by 2 55 times= about
6.7 x 10 to the -17 power.VERY DEEP BASS INDEED!
So about how many HOURS would it take to belt out one cycle of that note???
Is it James Earl Jones?
Well, to all you bass freaks, on all of my black hole recordings my system can reproduce the midrange of the black hole with great clarity and liquidity and frankly I just dont miss those bottom 250 octaves.
dude, i need to sample that shit for my next album, yo!


The article says: "The concentric ripples produce one cycle every 10 million years,"

1 year = 31556926 seconds

The period = 10 million years = 3,155,692,600,000,000 sec

frequency(hz)is the reciprocal of the period
so hz would be:


I remain,
1 cycle every 10 million years? Well, I haven't got time for that, I need the Readers Digest version.

Clueless, I think you know more than your letting on, but next time I'll expect you to divide that out for me as my cheapo calculator doesn't have that many decimal places...
So, if one cycle takes 10 million years -- maybe if we sample it at MP3 resolution we can get it down to around 10 days...
My calulatons are as follows:
B flat below middle C: 233.082 Hz
B flat 57 octaves < C:1.6173312689105046047188807278e-15
Wavelength in feet: 672,383,587,026,397,394.72041599093881
Wavelength in lightyears: 21.66297
Speed of sound at?: 1087.467 Ft/Sec *
*speed of sound through a medium in this case gas depends on the state of the gas and the temperature of the gas.
square root of ratio of specific heat times the gas constant times the absolute temperature.
How many molecules of gas is out there?

I remain,
Does anyone have some supply caps that will give my Aragon 4004MKII enough headroom for the 2.5 billion year long note?
(They don't have to be THX approved).

The Wash post article
on this gives the wavelength at "30,000 light years -- bigger than a galaxy"n (that is where I got the 10 million year cycle too)

I want to get this straight. I dont want to mess up my Xover. I don't want to be 3db down at .00000000567hz

I remain,
By working the other way from 10 million years to find the frequency I ended up with
456.98626355865002536783358701167 Hz between A and B flat
above middle C
They need to get in tune.

Just goes to show you can't trust anything comin out of Washington.

I remain,
The cost of the required interconnect would be very expensive.....
I can hit a high C with my black hole =)

Who knew that black holes in distant galaxies contained adolescent males with cars?
Just the sound of God.
Have they tried playing it in reverse?
Actually they did try to computer-sumulate reversing the tone and there was some talk of an apparition of Adam Sandler (calling out for his father?) and then the experiment was mysteriously, and abruptly cancelled...
Riddle me this, Batman: If a Black Hole generates a deep bass note in space and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Seriously though, can sound be generated in a lack of air? Doesn't the wave front created make sound by pushing the air around it? Pardon me if I sound ignorant, but I was absent from school the day we covered astrophysics and quantum mechanics ;)
Did you hear the latest news about Dr Amar Bose applying for the patent for "Balckhole Bass(TM)"?
maybe it pulses through anti matter? or dark matter? or radiation? hmm...

i heared a thimble full of dark matter would weigh as much as a US Aircraft Carrier.
Slipknot1, if you read the article, you'd see that the sound waves were rippling through gas, and gas should support sound -- I know it does in my room. :)