Deep Purple Remasters: Machine head/Live in Japan

How is the sound quality on these legendary 70s albums? I imagine machine is about the live album...or any other remasters?
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While I would not call them audiophile classics, they are much improved from the original releases. Who Do We Think We Are! also sounds very good, but I hear less improvement on the Fireball and In Rock remasters (In Rock is only available on import for some reason). Note that I think all were de-noised if that is going to bother you. Bonus material and packaging/notes on all these releases makes them worthwhile if you are a fan.

There was a DCC Gold version of Made In Japan that is supposed to be very good, but I have not heard it.
I own both the Rhino and DCC gold editions of "Made in Japan," and if you can swing it, the DCC is the one to get. It's not a mind-altering difference, but the gold sounds more open and detailed.
I have a copy of Machine Head with a remastered disk and one remixed by Roger Glover.
The quality on this Rhino release is very good.
Also includes a few other tracks not on the original and Quadrophonc mixes for Maybe Im a Leo and Lazy.
I have the remastered "Live In Japan" it is far from a audiophile 'sound'... Its 'just' good enough to listen to.
"Made in Japan" I meant.
Machine Head is awesome in DVD_A
I owned Machine Head on Rhino, the one Bozzy has, remixed by Glover with the bonus "quadraphonic" disc (even though it's redbook). I own the SACD version as well. I like both but would probably give the slight edge to the Rhino release in sound quality. It's a little more "raw" sounding which this particular CD needs to be but not at the expense of sound quality! The Rhino release is a HUGE step over the old redbook IMHO.