Dedicated Vinyl system next upgrade?

Hi. I love my system. I really do. I love vinyl and listen to vinyl nearly exclusively via “appointment listening”. I do Sometimes stream and listen while I walk or while working but I love just sitting and listening to my stereo. I believe I’ve arrived regarding finally achieving a great set up and have experienced that vinyl “magic” that audiophiles obsess over. I understand that limitations exist and a great stereo will reveal the quality of a recording - good or bad. The law a diminishing returns regarding  upgrading is something I’m mindful of. I don’t have endless funds to spend on upgrades. My question is - what should I consider upgrading next? Should I ditch the integrated amp considering I’m using an external phono stage? Or should I go with a better integrated amp? Or should I look at a better cartridge? Do I upgrade my turntable or just the tonearm? Do I upgrade the power cable on my amp? 
Here’s what I’m currently working with - and thanks for your thoughts/suggestions! 

Clear Audio Concept Turntable
W/ Hana SL cartridge 

Herron Audio VTPH-2a Phono Stage

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II integrated power amplifier 

Kimber Kable speaker wire and interconnects (I forget which model - an entry lever set - nothing crazy) 

Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 stand mount loud speakers

Set of two stereo REL S/510 subs

Decent system. Buy records from the 50s - 60s(70s) and a good cleaning solution to really hear vinyl.
If you have the factory power cable on your amp, try a BLE rhodium 10 gauge on eBay for $40 to get an idea of the improvement. Look into tweaking what you have.
Hi Paul, Great system! If you are getting cleanly to the volume you like then there is no need to upgrade the electronics. Your Herron has loads of gain so you are virtually unlimited in terms of cartridges there. Your tonearm is excellent but given the magnetic bearing I would avoid the lowest compliance cartridges like the Koetsu's and Air Tights. This would be a perfect job for the Lyra Delos or the Ortofon Cadenza Blue. I think that either of these cartridges will make an audible improvement in your sound quality and improve the tracking ability of your rig. Here is a comparison of the Hana to the Ortofon Quintet Black.