Dedicated stereo power advice

I have an electrician coming over this week to give me an estimate for dedicated power for my stereo. I would like to know what hardware to pre-order to prepare like Ovaide outlets, power line cable, etc. Please advise - thanks.
As far as the outlets are concerned, I'd recommend the PSAudio Power Ports at $50.00 each. Fantastic little product and reasonable. I don't know much about the other items you would need like wire, etc. Sorry. Good move though.
Contact a company called "Tributaries", they make speaker cable and IC`s, also Audiophile Grade house wiring, why do half a job? I did a dedicated line with this cable to my monoblocks.
Their 75ohm cable for TV/Satelite hookup is amazing, every piece of cable I substituted made a difference in picture quality.
I'd urge you to consider some other project specifications if you haven't. The number of circuits is the most important with two being the minimum for audio only, three if you're thinking of using mono blocks. In this case more is always merrier.

Also stipulate to the electrician to install all outlets on the same leg of the 240v service in the US, this insures a bit of safety as you can only incur the wrath of 120v plus it's a good idea to have all audio on the same phase. If the circuit runs are more than 20 feet request 10 gauge wire be used but never use less than 20 amp circuits requiring at least 12 gauge wire, it doesn't cost much more but will be harder to work with so the electrician might charge extra. And here is where I may diverge from audiophile standards by using romex wire from Lowes, just look at the wire bringing electricity to your house. To me wire gauge and number of circuits are much more important than installing specialty wire or even the type of recepticle used as long as it is a quality one such as Hubbell or Pass & Seymour.

Other suggestions would be to use straight runs from the panel to the outlet without interruption, route wire away from other wires, pipes or duct work, three to six inches of clearance should be sufficient. You might want to ask the electrician about installing a whole house surge arrester for protecting your gear while he is there.

That's my nickel's worth so best of luck and enjoy!

P.S. The circuits take a while to settle in so you can expect improvements throughout the first few months.