Dedicated power lines-getting started

Any advice please on the right questions to ask my local electrical contractor re: dedicated power lines.
I'm very interested in getting this done but I'm obviously"electrically challenged" when it comes to this stuff.
Also any feedback on estimated cost, time involved, material etc. would be greatly appreciated.
I just installed a dedicated line, and it made a HUGE difference in sound of $20K system. Really smoothed out highs and added dynamic range. Used 12ga TX cable and highest grade ($6 each) 20 amp outlets available from Home Depot, run to a 20 amp breaker. Very good return for investment.
I highly recommend you use 10/2 WG(with ground) romex and the best receptacles you can afford. The Watgates and PS Audio Power Ports are two great ones. 10/2 WG is the largest gauge solid wire and it will still fit into the above mentioned receptacles. Your electrician will think you are "crazy" and that the 10/2 is overkill. Don't let him bully you into a smaller gauge. Also if you intend to run two dedicated circuits then run three. You will wish you had run more later. Use new 20 amp breakers for your dedicated circiuts. Let us know how it works out.
I second discos suggestion. That is exactly what I used and could not be happier with the results.