Dedicated Phono Cables required??

         I am getting back to vinyl!    My question is about interconnect cables vs dedicated “phono cables”.  Presently I have the Project carbon Debut  connected to the Schitt Mani preamp via standard audioquest  ½ m interconnects, and a Pair of Kimber PBJ interconnects -2 meter, from the Mani to my Marantz 8802A pre amp RCA inputs.  I thought the Mani would be a better preamp than  the Phono inputs of the Marantz. What do u think?

Back to my question. should I use standard interconnects from the turntable to the Mani?,   and should I use standard interconnects from my Mani to the Marantz?   Is there a difference in using a dedicated labeled  phono cable of 2 M to the Mani in sound quality?


Also would I be better off moving the Mani closer to the Marantz to make that cable shorter, and the cable from the TT to the Mani longer? Or doesn’t make a difference. Apologize for the many questions ,I hope I am clear.

I also have a set of Balanced inputs available for use on the Marantz so I was thinking also maybe an RCA to XLR cable??

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The cable from the TT to the phono box should be shorter, and also properly shielded.
IE the Kimber PBJ is not a good choice for TT to phono box cable.
It might work OK, but it might pick up hum too.

The proper cable for a TT cartridge to the phono (whether in a preamp or separate) can be any normal shielded IC
Just remember the signal from the cartridge in the TT is TINY.
My arms have always had a din connection so I've used a dedicated cable. For the money I would recommend either a cardas or furutech. Both are good although the furutech can get pricey. 
So you're saying I can use standard interconnects from the mani to my preamp? And from the TT to the mani u say " cartridge wires are tiny". So you are suggesting what? Do not us ic? Use phono cable?
Wonder if the phono input on my Marantz 8802a is better than the mani. Should try an A/B comparison. 
Yes I want to keep the price of the phono cable under $100 if I need one. 
Whether a phono cable costs $10 or $1000 they ALL sound alike! I use whatever cable the tonearm maker provides. And live happily ever after!
Whether a phono cable costs $10 or $1000 they ALL sound alike!
Actually, they don't all sound alike. Many don't measure the same, either, so that should be no surprise. And depending on the system, shielding can be critical in a phono cable. Some are not shielded at all.  Some are shielded, but not necessarily with equal effectiveness.

I have no hum or audible noise that I can hear from my system now. And the PBJ's I'm using don't have much shielding. but I'm not opposed to getting phono cables for better Sonics, but I don't see where I need the phono cables just for shielding. Unless there is noise I cannot hear that effects the sound quality.
And I am a believer that different cables can make a difference in enjoying your music, but within reasonable prices.  which for me is $150  or less. after that IMO it's diminishing returns. 

These come highly recommended at their price point; I’ve been thinking of picking up the DIN version myself when I get around to replacing my phono cable.  I also want to check out the Cardas cables that Boxer12 mentioned.!/Impact-SE-RCA-...