Dedicated lines wire choice

I will be installing 2 dedicated lines ,Wondering if i should use 10/3 and use the red for ground and leave ground alone or just use 10/2 or is there no difference.
Advice appreciated from more experts than myself
Ground in conduit is code here. Ask a local electrician.
@ fruitloopsr, 240 Volts 10/3 Awg, 120 Volts 10/2 Awg. :-)
If you use the red wire for ground you need to mark them with green tape and in some areas that still might not be code, best to check.

This is how 10/3 with ground NM sheathed cable is made now.

Maybe the design was changed for a reason. Note the bare EGC (Equipment Grounding Conductor) is placed between the black and neutral current carrying conductors. If the bare EGC is used as intended the magnetic fields between the hot and neutral current carrying conductors will cancel each other out because of their close placement from one another. This will/should prevent the chance of a induced voltage onto the bare EGC.
Nothing would prevent the white neutral current carrying conductor’s magnetic fields from inducing a voltage, as well as any noise on the neutral, from inducing a voltage onto the red insulated conductor if it was used for the EGC.

Use 10/2 with ground NM sheathed cable, (Romex trade name) or MC (Metal Clad) Aluminum armored cable.

Look at page 16. Read pages 31 thru 36.

It is important that long parallel runs of NM cables need to be separated from one another by at least 12" or so all the way to the wall duplex receptacle outlet boxes. If pulled next to one another the chances increase that the hot and neutral current carrying conductors of the branch circuits will induce a voltage onto the EGC, (Equipment Grounding Conductor) from cable to cable.. This can/will cause ground loop hum. Also any noise traveling on one branch will be induced on the conductors of other branch circuits. One of the reasons for multiple branch circuits is to decouple the power supply’s of digital equipment from analog equipment. That won’t happen if the NM cables are running parallel against one another.

Also keep them away from other parallel running branch circuit wiring.
Especially lighting branch circuits. (Therein branch circuit wiring feeding LEDs, dimmers, and any other harmonic creating noise items that could/would induce a voltage, noise, onto the two audio dedicated branch circuits.)
Here in an interesting video on harmonics cauded by a lighting dimmer control.

Make sure to tell the electrician to install both branch circuits on 20 amp breakers fed from the same Line, leg, in the electrical panel. Both on L1 or both on L2.

Here is an old quote from a White Paper by ExactPower. (The Link is no longer any good. The last time I clicked on the Link was in May of 2013 when I posted it in a thread)

"Less than 300 microamps of ground loop current can cause hum as it flows in an unbalanced audio interconnect cable. However, harmonics of 60Hz that are generated from lighting dimmers or switch-mode power supplies sound like Buzzz mixed with a bit of Hummm and are more easily coupled by even smaller currents. Harmonics can add together when equipment is powered from different phases, so clearly there is an advantage to specifying same-phase electrical service to power the electronics systems in most cases....

Any leakage currents on the safety ground wires of split single phase load circuits fed by different phase legs will add together due to the 240V potential difference....

Power conditioners do not solve any of these common problems: Cross phase coupling (doubles hums & buzzes) .... What actually does solve them: Same phase power.

Would the metal clad be better than romex or no difference  I want 2 lines 1 for front end and one for amps Guess i could use 12/2 for front end
Also would like one for my sub, It is M/L B212, 12/2 for that? Going to use 10/2  on amps i guess,.They will be several feet apart At one time i had Krell amps
 10/2  on a 30a breaker with no problem, I will be doing the work myself.
Do not know code in florida but i will take a look.
Thanks, Mike

Dont really matter 
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