dedicated lines. what goes where?

Hi. I am finishing my installation of 4 dedicated lines. There are two dedicated grounds for these lines
My rig includes:
spectral monoblocks and preamp
theta transport and Dac
sigtech "equalizer"
MIT power conditioner
My plan is to put the monblocks and the preamp circuits to one ground and keep the digital stuff on their own grounds (all grounds are supplemental to the main box anyway)
Does this sound right? Or should I bit the bullet and drive a couple of more seems like quite a bit already

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I once had seperate ground rods driven with no hum problems. THen two different guys on audio asylum showed how my seperate ground could be used as a direct path through my system by a lightning strike (i live in one the plains states where thunderstorms can be big entertainment). needless to say i disconnected the ground rod and stayed with the common house sustem ground (which is the only code compliant way to do it anyway). a few months later a near lightening strike did claim a couple of tubes and some fuses in my amps, which were not protected by a conditioner/surge protector.