Dedicated lines & outlet setup question

I'm setting up two dedicated power lines for my stereo system, comprised of a CD player, a SS pre amp, a tubed amp, and a REL sub.

Should I plug the CD player to one line, and the pre+amp+sub to the other? I'm asking this to decide if I need to buy 2 or 3 duplex outlets.

Thank you!
Hi, I recently ran dedicated 20 amp lines to my mono blocks. I used Porter Ports. I feel this improved the blackness of the background and the effortlessness of the amplifier. You might try giving your amp one dedicated line. Also, beefing up your IEC cables will make a big difference.
I would suggest running one line.This will avoid any ground-loops.I used the Jena Labs outlets and painted all the surfaces with E-SST.
I always keep digital on its own separate dedicated line.
I'd consider running a third dedicated line, now that way you wonÂ’t wish you would have done so at a latter date.
After much research, I ran 3 dedicated,10ga lines with 20 amp breakers on all and Teslaplex recepticles. Amp and pre in to one outlet, CD and anything digital into another outlet and TT and other front end stuff into the third outlet. Sound was fantastic. All Cary Tube stuff
Way to go!