Dedicated Lines, Now what?

Hi folks. Just had dedicated ac lines put in for listening. Had 2 circuits installed. I use a digital front end, Nuforce V2SE's and a JRDG Capri preamp.
What can I combine together on the same circuit? I would assume that I want the digital by itself, but can I have the amps and the pre on the same circuit?
Also, I notice that there is a slight "hiss" coming from the tweeters. You can only hear it if there is no music playing and you get your ear right up to the tweeter. It dosent seem to get louder if I turn the pre volume up. Anyone know what that hiss is and if there is anything that can be / should be done about it?
Try to keep your Digital and Analog seperate.
Preamp with Amp is ideal.

Did the hiss just start since you put in the dedicated lines?
If so, it may mean you are now getting better high Frequency information. A slight hiss with your ears up close to the tweeter is pretty normal.
nope it was always there. but if it is normal that is good enough for me.
Is it phono or does it happen on all inputs?
It is all outputs. And my center channel as well (and it dosent go thru my 2ch pre at all)
Consider a ground loop.
Do you have cable, if you do try disconnecting it to see if the noise go's away.
Also I had a hiss in my system after cleaning up my power cords. I put them too close to each other. I redid them and space them further apart and my hiss went away.
With this two circuit setup, if (say) an integrated or pre/power in one duplex, how best to deal with the power for the digital and analog (TT) sources?
terra3 -
good question. Right now I have my amps on one and my pre and dac on another. but I have not done the a/b work to compare the dedicated lines to the common lines. I need to experiment with plugging things into different lines to get a feel for how much if any improvement was made.
My first impression was that I could listen at louder volume levels without the sound getting confused and distorted. But without an spl I cant be sure that there wasnt just some sort of reduction in volume.
At the end of the day, I needed the outlets anyway and it wasnt that expensive. I will update it to my system page when I have time to compare.