Dedicated lines in ABQ

Anyone have an electrician to eecommend for running dedicated lines in Albuquerque?I've contacted a few randomly without success. Responses include it's unnecessary, it's too expensive or just plain no
Call the nearest audio or home theater dealer and ask who they use.
Yes I know an electrician that does them. Need to find his business card and will post back when I do.

I’ve been trying to get one dedicated line installed in my house in San Antonio, TX for over a year. My house is only 9 years old and wired so that every room is on its own 20 amp circuit. I’ve had three electrician come to my house with response similar to yours; too expensive, no, it isn’t worth it. I have another company scheduled for 7/11/17. I will see what they say?
Thank you for the responses. Tried  the local salon and they wanted me to use their in-house consulting service first. I could hear the meter running
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Wow, that's unbelievable!  I live in the Northeast, and I can hear that meter running all the way out here, lol.

8 years ago I wanted a electrician to work with me installing a new technology, same response as you guys are getting. I ended up posting a craigslist ad, finally found a young master electrician who hopped on board, didn't care what we did as long as it was legal, and he got paid.   My suggestion is try a craigslist ad, and interview them till you find the right one! Hope that helps!  
This info may be of help: I just asked my neighbor, who owns a small hot tub sales and installation company, if he would be interested in installing two lines in my place. He told me summer is his busy season, but that if I could wait until winter he would do it for a hundred bucks a line plus parts. He said if I couldn't wait, he would recommend another electrician, and that the labor would then be about double his price.
I guess I got lucky- when I ran a dedicated line I had no issues and the price was under $200 total. That was just about the best $200 I ever spent on my sound system.