dedicated lines, equal length?

I just moved and need to run dedicated lines for my system. I'm using monoblocks and have the speakers along the long wall so there is a signifcant diffference in the length of lines required to run the front end and one amp and that required to run the other amp I estimate about 20 ft differce with about 75 ft required to run the longest line. Will this make much of a difference or should i run equal lengths and just loose the excess for the one side around in between the joists? thanks
The power lines do not have to be of equal lenght. The only concearns should be sufficient conductor size for each conductor (Hot, Neut and GND and it pays to have the largest guage wire you can manage), a very good ground and a quality outlet. If you achieve these goal with old fashioned good workmanship, I am sure you will be happy and it should not cost a fortune. Best of luck.
The power lines should be of equal length for ground purpose only. How about running only the ground the same length.
Psjulian, could you elaborate on the "ground only" point? I must admit that I am confused as to your response, and I would have answered the same as Liguy. Thanks.