Dedicated Line

I want to install another dedicated line for my CD player. I have used 10 gauge insulated marine cable,stranded 3 wire.A friend has suggested that 10 guage solid core is better. Any advice especially from those who have experience , no theories please.
I use and have used solid core for my in wall wiring. My experience is that dedicated lines improve the system alot.
I always use 10 gauge and also use at least a quality hospital grade outlet.
Hello, you both mention 10 guage wire -is this a standard, a rule of thumb type of thing? Thanks.
Electrical code says 15A 14/2, 20A 12/2 .Wiring in wall with 10 gauge Romex is labor intensive and an inspector might not like it.All my separate/dedicated lines are 20A 12/2 with good quality receptacles on the end.
Best of luck
I suggest using 10/2 wire for all. Could be over kill however will not hurt anything and possibly only help.
There could be some benefits from running your electrical wiring in the following fashion:
10 gage solid THHN (white/black/green) manually (electric drill) spiral twist and snake through conduit.
I personally like to use the Porterhouse cryo'd AC outlets, which are Hubbell outlets rated for 15 or 20 amp. They are Hospital grade and deep immersion cryo treated. They are a special order un-plated version. Other outlets that have plated connectors (Nickel, Silver or Tin) that are designed to hold up in harsh chemical and / or oxygen rich environments. This is not only unnecessary for audio systems but many believe it harms the quality of sound.

I have experimented over the last several years with various wires to use for dedicated 20-amp circuits. I have the following wire in use in no special order:
1) 10 gage Romex
2) 10 gage UV
3) Belden 83802
4) Virtual Dynamics 10 gage BX Cryogenically treated with Cryo’d circuit breaker. *

To my ears on my revealing system I hear NO difference between (1-4)! I think simply using a dedicated circuit with 10 gage copper makes the biggest difference.

* There might be other positive factors to using cryogenically treated wiring besides sonics. It might lower the operating temperature of equipment.
Strands in cables react with each other in a home wiring scheme. Solid core is best with 60 cycle AC period. OLD OLD wiring was at one point stranded. Solid copper lasts longest and will make the biggest difference.
I will try the solid core,but hesitate because it will be bent as it snakes it's way from the panel thru my floor joists as I have a basement listening room. I used 2 runs of Carol 10/3 90c(ul)water resistant p-7k 123033-600V from the panel along the floor . One to Hydra 2 for the power amps and one to a Furman 20 amp balanced power conditioner.There are no bends when cable is run on the floor with the Carol, and it is safe(used at outdoor concerts over wet grass).Can we say the same for the solid core romex? If I use the romex what do I do if I run it along the floor?