dedicated interconnect ?

has anyone ever connected the same wire used to make internal connections in audio components directly from output stage bypassing jack rca or balanced then directly to input at amp? once again bypassing input jack and internal wiring this sounds very simple after all the internal wiring is part of the signal path yes the length would be longer but could be customized to requirements components could be placed closer together shorter path and shielded with lead plate or whatever blocks magnetic fields to minnimize emi wires could be braided or shielded for rfi and emi sounds simple? this wire is probably dirt cheap and and could be a logical connection after all internal connectios arent made with interconnects with jacks they are point a to point b soldered connections does this sound too easy?
Bypassing connectors is a good move, but dirt cheap wire won't sound as good as a good interconnect. I strongly suspect, from looking inside components and having read M.O. Hawksford's "The Essex Echo" in Stereophile a few years ago, that even many top high end designers don't know much about internal wire. For example, Sonic Frontiers uses Kimber AGSS in an upgrade for their SFCD-1, and I KNOW it's greatly inferior, even in very short runs, to MUCH thinner high purity silver, just as Hawksford's article implies. If you carry through your project, get good advice on wire to use or you won't get the full benefits, if any benefits at all. Please let us know how it turns out. An interesting idea.
Suggest that you first demo a handful of premade cables, to find a preferred sonic signature, before wiring them in dedicated. The PC boards could likely be heat-damaged by too much soldering/desoldering/resoldering; they're not made to handle that sort of abuse.
pc board interconnect ? what type of conducter material is used on the board? theory- short run quality wire directly from output soldered to pc board that is an upgrade to wire right? would probably have to be custom made drop in the bucket in this hobby short run to amp input what im shooting for is an integrated wadia 860 x and gryphon amp i dont have a problem spending a grand for an interconnect i dont want the signature of an interconnect or maybe ill find out that i do when i said dirt cheap i was trying to make a comparison to how much the internal wiring probably costs the manufacturer is that short run of wire the manufacturers final tuning of their product? then its up to us to retune that to our system ?
if acompany like wadia wanted to create a cd player with an amplifier built into a one piece unit would they give us the option of an interconnect at the back of the unit so we could tune it to our prefference or would they simply create a short signal path direct?? output to input
Glen, have you gone to EVS Millenium Dac site, ,they talk about this type of "tweak" under his tweak section. However extreme caution is recommended because of electrcal shock or fire hazard possibilities.......not to mention you may mess your equipment up and void your warranty